thl Knight 1


Build number: thl_Knight_1_R11_20170613
SHA1: 296D458F4A8CAA03FC8994CD0811547A8DDA1AF3
Attention: Build Number is located in Settings->About phone. Please make sure that the right firmware is chosen for the device, a wrong choice will result in serious consequences!






SP_MDT Feature.Introduction.and.User Guide.pdf



Please note that reflashing the firmware will clean all data in the device, make sure to back up the important data before doing it.
Do it again as below after the downloading fails:
Click "Start" on flash tool, connect the device to PC with USB cable, then press and hold "Power Button" , do not release "Power Button" until downloading begins.
Reset the device if it doesn't switch on:
Press and hold "Power Button" for 10+ seconds, do not release it until the device switches on.


Quick guide
User manual

thl Knight 1